Water sports:

Slingshot at Lake Billychinook! from Slingshot Sports Wake on Vimeo.

Lake Billy Chinook is maintained at full or within a foot of full capacity from mid June through mid September. That factor combined with the 72 miles of shoreline makes this a great experience that has room to accommodate all recreational interests. Whether you want to be the first on the water and ski the glass or sleep in and then chase the wakes later in the day. There are coves to sneak into and areas of the lake with 10 mile per hour speed limits that allow those that prefer the pursuit of paddling, pedaling or lower horsepower entertainment to satisfy their thirst for entertainment. Gasoline, motor oil and the items necessary to keep your boat going are available at the marina at The Cove Palisades Resort on the Crooked River arm and at the Three Rivers Marina on the Metolius arm. Both marinas offer day and seasonal moorage as available.