Hooked on fishing? Lake Billy Chinook offers year round fishing opportunities. What is your pleasure? Do you want to pursue the next state record Bull Trout? These predatory fish have a voracious appetite, sharp teeth, put up a great scrap and can be well over 20 pounds. It is not uncommon to catch a 32 plus inch fish shaped like a football. These fish can be caught in a variety of ways like trolling herring, plugs or lures. Casting lures near the shore or just relaxing in the boat and jigging lures or mooching herring works also. Just remember not to stick your thumb in their mouth or it will be sore for the next few days afterword.

Prefer chasing the great fighting and incredible tasting Kokanee. These silver sided fish are pound for pound as scrappy as a fish comes. Use your fish finder to determine the depth the large schools are at or watch for them jumping and then move in. These dynamos are available year round and can be caught by trolling flashers and special Kokanee lures with worms or white corn or by jigging lures. Fly fisherman for these fish are few and far between but the astute and dedicated fly fisherman can have a hay day when they figure it out.

The small mouth bass grow fast and starting around Memorial Day are hungry and feisty. They grow to a few pounds and there are a lot of them. It is the perfect fishery for kids and adults alike because once you figure out where and how to fish for them the fishing is  fast and furious. The normal methods for these fish are worms, rubber worms, jigs and lures.

Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout and German browns are also present in the lake and some grow to impressive size. They are not pursued heavily but do offer a fun fishery and likely will make up a part of your catch.

Please be sure and review the Oregon State Fishing Regulations to be familiar with the rules and bag limits. Fishing the Metolius Arm of Lake Billy Chinook requires a Warm Springs Tribal Permit.

All the lures, bait and advice you need is available on the Crooked River arm at the Cove Palisades Resort store and at the Three Rivers Marina store on the Metolius River.