Water Toys

All the toys you need to have the complete experience.

Water Toy Package

One choice of a wakeboard, kneeboard,water skis or tube. Exchanges can be made anytime during the rental period providing an exchange is available. Vests, rope and flag are included.

with rental boat without rental boat
4 hours 8 hours 4 hours 8 hours  
$30 $40 $60 $75 $250 security deposit required if not a boat rental customer.


Wake Board

Daily $45         Weekly $225


Knee Board

Daily $45         Weekly $225


Water Skis

Daily $30         Weekly $150

Small Tube

Small Tube

Daily $25         Weekly $125

Large Tube

Daily $45            Weekly $225

Double Tube

Daily $50            Weekly $250

Deposit $100      (Rentals include rope, vests and flag. Renter responsible for loss or damage to equipment)