Experience the only lake in the state of Oregon offering the rentals of Luxury houseboats.

With 72 miles of shoreline, pristine waters, diverse scenery and secluded coves, you can truly get away from the grind of life and relax in nature. Imagine starting your day by relaxing in the hot tub on your houseboat and enjoying the peace and tranquility of the moment. The only movements are the bald eagles looking for a fish, the wildlife coming to the water and the sunrise painting glorious colors while climbing the canyon walls.

Now that you are truly relaxed it is time for a little adventure. Over 300 days of sunshine a year at Lake Billy Chinook makes it easy to get out on the water in  your boat or one of the many watercraft available to enhance your stay. Whether it is firing up the motor to jump wakes, chasing the 20 plus pound Bull Trout or just grabbing the kayak and paddles, the fun of playing on the water is awaiting you.

In the afternoon you have options too. If you want to take that hard earned nap or just enjoy a little adult quiet time then send the children to watch movies on one of the TV’S or let them play around the lake in a pedal boat or kayak which will entertain them for hours and not leave you feeling guilty for not being there to be their private entertainment system.

Now that evening has arrived picture yourself barbecuing on the bridge of the boat while the sun is setting over the glassy water with 200 foot canyon walls surrounding you and the splendor of the snow capped Mt. Jefferson in the background. The Kokanee are jumping everywhere and an otter is swimming along the bank heading for home.

Once the sun completely sets, the views of the shooting stars and night sky will leave you truly awe inspired. If the closest you have come to experiencing a natural night sky without the disruption of city lights is a planetarium, then you and your children are in for an experience you will never forget and will always cherish. The only hard part is breaking away from the starlit night so you can get recharged for the next day. That is why you should consider the nap.